Monday, November 24, 2014

Back from a hiatus

A year after taking a career detour back into web development, I have come back to my first love in technology - the database world. I am now trying to move out of the older technologies and into a more current SQL Server and BI-centered program. Somehow I found myself using older technologies for the past two years as I was dealing with legacy code and now I have fallen behind. I've heard some men in technology say that a "real developer" will be working on outside projects and newer technologies on their own time. I don't think that my not doing so makes me not a real developer but I definitely see the downside of not keeping up outside of work. The problem was ultimately that I was so focused on the details of the broken code that I was working with that I forgot to look for the bigger picture and how to get this spaghetti code into a workable format. Right now I am taking some time between jobs to get back on board with the game. I'm starting over with the MVA program on Microsoft's site to maintain and upgrade my SQL skills (when I am not applying for or interviewing for new jobs.) There are other tools that companies are using in the BI space that I have never used but need to learn more about: Tableau, QlickView, Business Objects. I'm not sure how prevalent these are compared to SQL Server and SSRS but since I am seeing them on more job descriptions they must be somewhat important. So that's where I am - hope to make some progress in my e-learning and/or landing a groovy new gig soon. TTYL ~Data Diva

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random problem of the day

Yesterday I bought a cheap printer at a local thrift store, it's an Epson nx510, to replace my Epson cx7450 which has become a useless pile of junk. I'm definitely not a fan of these printers but thought it was worth a shot for a mere $4, which is less than half the price of one ink cartridge for the damn thing. (This is a complaint for another day!) Anyway, I was psyched to see that it is Wi-Fi enabled and newer than expected. On the shelf it looked like any old worn-out printer but besides the fact that it is Epson it seems pretty nice. I am getting the thing setup today and enabled the Wi-Fi connection to connect to our local network to test it out. I decided to test with my work laptop but had problems getting on the network from the laptop. After rebooting, enabling/disabling Wi-Fi and restarting the Cisco VPN client several times I started playing with the settings. I usually use the Wireless MAC filter and checked there for the MAC address and everything was setup correctly. Finally I started looking at the local network settings and found the problem - I had set a limit of 10 simultaneous DHCP Users! We have a guest in town who is using at least 2 connections, plus we have 2 smartphones, two laptops, a tower PC, Roku box, Internet enabled Bluray player, and now a new Wi-Fi enabled printer. My darn laptop couldn't get an IP address so of course I couldn't browse the Interweb or see anything on the network. ARGH!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's always the simple things

... that mess me up. I was driving myself crazy working through a lesson in the MCTS 70-448 training kit, attempting to create a Data Viewer in one of the SSIS chapters. I was getting an error about permissions and configured BIDS to run as an Administrator. That error cleared up but the Data Viewer was still not showing up. It turns out that somehow the Data Viewer window was barely visible on the far right side of the monitor - duh! Winnning! As I was saying it is always the simple things that trip me up more often than more complex issues to resolve.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Windows updates

I've been trying so sneakily install Windows 7 sp1 (without network admin approval) for several weeks to no avail. 
After rebooting today I am prompted to allow install by our IT big brother organization.  It has been installing for 1.5 hours now so I am SOL for getting work down right now.  Upside is I can install my SQL Server 2012 Developer version which I have been wanting to for months.

So far

I am working my way through the TK 70-448 book after taking the sample test and scoring 53%.  Considering I have not had any real training in BI except on the job doing I consider that a good starting point.

I am finding out along the way that my predecessor also only scratched the surface of SSIS capabilities.  There are a ton of features and functionality she did not take advantage of for whatever reason.  This should give me a ton of real-world experience once I get through the material.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

It's almost over, but worth saying. Even though ours was uneventful it was nice to have another day off from work, especially mentally. This morning I was thinking that I really need a professional goal to pursue and have decided to move forward with taking the MS Business Intelligence Certification exam (MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance) before it retires in July. The Microsoft website is confusing as to what is being discontinued this year and next, so I guess the exam will be available but cannot be used to achieve the MCITP certification after that date. Either way, I think it would help to actually work my way through the training guide since I never had any formal training in this topic. In case anyone else is interested and wants to play along, this is the test I may be taking soon: Exam 70-448: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance TTFN...